Creating UiPath digital robots


The main goal of our work is to create digital robots that automate business processes and transfer practical knowledge about the use of Robotics Process  Automation technology and UiPath.

For whom?

Our services related to the creation of robots are addressed to companies that want to start implementing automation in their company but do not yet have the appropriate technical background and knowledge about creating digital employees.

Why is it worth it?

We are a team of experienced specialists in creating robots in UiPath technology. We have successfully created robots for international corporations. Thanks to our experience we create robots quickly and effectively.

What will you gain?

We will streamline processes in your company and eliminate the risk of human error. Your employees, instead of performing repetitive tasks, will be able to take care of responsibilities important for the development of your company or respond faster to the needs of your customers.


What examples of actions can be automated with RPA?

Industries using robots

Today Robotic Process Automation is a very prospective field that is constantly developing. The catalog of areas and business processes where RPA is used is constantly expanding.

Accounting and finance

HR and management

Banking and insurance

Transport and logistics

Customer service

Data monitoring

Benefits of business process robotization

  • The robot operates 24/7, all year round, with full availability
  • Immediate increase or decrease of robot usage depending on the workload.

  • The robot is geographically independent – its location has no impact on business.

  • Increased speed of operation.

  • Identical steps and tasks reduce the variety of results, allowing you to get the right result, decision or calculation every time.

  • Available logs describing the steps performed by the robot.

  • RPA allows the transfer of qualified personnel to more creative processes.