What do we do?

The main goal of our work is to create digital robots that automate business processes and transfer practical knowledge about the use of Robotic Process Automation UiPath technology.

We are the partner

UiPath and RPA Trainings

Trainings are dedicated to companies and people who focus on a practical approach to the automation of business processes.

Creating UiPath digital robots

The main goal of our work is to create digital robots that automate business processes in UiPath.

UiPath Developer Foundation Course

Building an RPA department

We dedicate the creation of RPA strategy to companies that start their adventure with business process automation.

Process analysis for automation

Before starting the process automation, the most important step is to analyze it in detail.

Additional scope of cooperation

We help in choosing properly matched UiPath licenses that meet all business requirements.

RPA Body leasing

Body leasing of UiPath specialists

We will lease our UiPath specialists to you for a specified period. This will help you reduce personnel costs and recruitment expenses.

Training options

Open online training

If you'd like to learn UiPath, join our open online UiPath LIVE online course - check the details and enroll now!

Training for your work team

Need a corporate solution for your work team? Order a training for the group - online or onsite - contact us now!

Specific training needs

Do you have any specific training needs? We can customize a training programme for you - ask about the details!

Robotivity Trainers


Senior UiPath Trainer

Founder and Owner at Robotivity focused on business processes automation and practical knowledge sharing about the use of Robotic Process Automation and UiPath technology (official UiPath Partner since March 2000). Experienced UiPath Trainer, Developer and University Lecturer. UiPath Licensing Specialist, with proven successful standardization and optimization of business processes. Actively engaged in leading projects, trainings and building RPA departments in multi-country companies.


Senior UiPath Trainer

A Senior RPA Developer working on international projects focusing on improving business processes in corporations. Active mentor, trainer and UiPath expert. He gained his experience through numerous projects and implementations combining various programming tools, such as UiPath, SQL, VBA and Python. A supporter of a comprehensive approach to the optimization of business processes. Since 2017, he also conducts training in the field of programming, robotization and improvement of business processes