Operation of UiPath program is a skill required by more and more employers. This demand is forced by the market which aims to automate as many business processes as possible. By completing our training, you will be prepared for a day-to-day work with UiPath program and implementation of RPA solutions in your company.

UiPath 2-days Training Program

Day I (Total 7 hours)

  • Getting to know the trainers
  • Environment installation
    • Interface and tools presentation
    • Introduction to terminology and UiPath objects
    • Understanding the components of Workflow
    • Assignment and types of variables
    • Understanding the basic “activities” used in automation
    • Assignment, transmission and types of arguments
    • Running the robot in Debug mode
    • Cooperation with MS Excel
    • Automation of the web application
    • Automation of mailbox

Day II (Total 7 hours)

    • Data Scrapping and Web Scrapping
    • Operations on text and strings
    • Creating dynamic selectors, working with UI Explorer
    • Conditional expressions (IF, SWITCH and SELECT statements)
    • Loops and the use of the “counter” element
    • Creating an array and list object
    • Extended “activities” used in automation:
      • Retry Scope,
      • Try Catch,
      • Element exist,
      • Cancelation scope,
      • Throw.
    • File and folder operations
      • Opening files,
      • Copying and deleting files,
      • Workinf with folders.
  • Wykład na temat stosowania najlepszych rozwiązań dla wybranych procesów biznesowych.

Price: 400 $ NET* + 23% VAT
The nearest date: Individual online training
Place: Online Training
The number of places is limited!

UiPath 4-days Training Program

The 4-day program includes the 2-day training program expanded by the following program.

Day III (Total 7 hours)

  • Connecting the environment to the Orchestrator
  • Getting to know the elements and windows of the Orchestrator
  • Asset publishing and extraction
  • Creating and reading a Dictionary
  • Publishing a package (workflow)
  • Package update
  • Managing published packages
  • Starting the robot from the Orchestrator
  • The most common mistakes
  • Creating a Queue
  • Queue management
  • Retrieving items from Queue
  • Schedule creation
  • Tips and Tricks
  • Log management in the Ocherstrator
  • Debugging robots

Day IV (Total 7 hours)

  • Understanding the elements of Re-Framework
    • Init
    • Get Transaction Data
    • Process Transaction
    • End Process
  • Framework implementation – exercises

Price: 900 $ NET* + 23% VAT
The nearest dateIndividual online training
Online Training
The number of places is limited!

Additional information

UiPath Online Training

We also provide the training program in the form of individual online training.

Robotivity Team


Senior UiPath Trainer

A Senior RPA Developer working on international projects focusing on improving business processes in corporations. He works in an international environment as a mentor, trainer and UiPath expert. Completed training allowed him to become a certified UiPath developer. He gained his experience through numerous projects and implementations combining various programming tools, such as UiPath, SQL, VBA and Python. A supporter of a comprehensive approach to the optimization of business processes. Since 2017, he also conducts training in the field of programming, robotization and improvement of business processes

Monika dudziak

Senior UiPath Trainer

A Senior RPA Developer with multi-annual experience, focusing on improving and automating business processes. She acquired RPA and UiPath knowledge on trainings in Mexico and India. Currently she is working in a multi-national environment as a Lead Developer, Project Manager, Solution Architect and an UiPath Expert. Outside work she aims to promote RPA topic by conducting lectures. One of them called ‘RPA – an example of integration with the SAP system’ was led on Wroclaw University of Economics in cooperation with the student research association SAPER.

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