What distinguishes our trainings?

The main advantage of our training is the emphasis on practice and going through exercises that will effectively contribute to the automation of work. During the training, participants under the supervision of a trainer create several robots in UiPath technology. For example, one of the robots made during the training is a robot checking the “White List” of VAT payers.


Practical knowledge

During our trainings it is of utmost importance for us to share practical knowledge of UiPath program operation. We focus mainly on the selected elements so that you would be able to automate your work on your own right after the training.



Although we claim theory is the key element for successful knowledge development, we focus on practice most. During our trainings you will accomplish many tasks which will be simulating your daily work



Each of us has different pace of acquiring knowledge. It is fully understandable for us and that is why during our trainings we always approach each participant individually.



Each of our trainers is a practician working as a Senior RPA Developer – we possess multi-annual experience working in analytical and financial operations within well-known global companies.



During the training cycle participants are constantly in touch with our trainers. Thanks to this, they can develop their skills even outside the training hours.



One of our training’s elements is preparing participants for UiPath certification. Thanks to our training and constant contact with trainers you will achieve UiPath certification without any problems.

What makes our trainings exceptional?

  • each training is conducted in a practical (workshop) way, we focus on elements used in everyday work,
  • a trainer is always a person who is a practitioner,
  • during the training, students carry out tasks under the guidance of a trainer, having the opportunity to ask questions and check their progress on an ongoing basis,
  • as part of the training, we provide materials that can be returned at any time – after the course,
  • training participants have permanent access to a trainer during the course.